10 Stunning Ecommerce Designs For Fashion Businesses

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Since 2005 home shopping has grown at 13% per annum and the retail sales at 2.9% per annum. These are impressive numbers, and digital sales of the fashion industry are not left behind.

But together with this growth a new problem arose. The number of options available is getting too vast, whereas the time dedicated to the research in our busy lives far too short.

However, many fashion brands rather than reduce the selection of products, have started to come up with new creative ideas to stand out. They develop innovative way to attract consumers on their platforms. Many brands use online marketing tools such as free shipping, simplified return policy and social media campaign to personalise customer service as well as special online discounts and promotions in return of information and data about they customers. Others create new partnership with more reliable e-commerce logistics company to optimise their services.

To give you a better understanding of these techniques, ParcelBright team have discovered and put together 10 beautiful fashion online stores that efficiently follow this trend.

1. Unif


The rebel and provocative US brand Unif “Ur Not in Fashion”, is the perfect example of underground became mainstream. The story begin with an artist & DJ from LA who started producing clothes for himself and his friends and suddenly become bigger. Targeting teenagers and young adults, UNIF offers special promotional code as well as the possibility to pay monthly splitting the bill into 3, 6 or 12 monthly payments.

2. Factory 43


The brand is a mix of unusual subjects and tissues. It has been created by two US artists, who share a passion for design and hand-printed objects. Their talent in illustrating hand-inked drawing has been recognised by Communication Arts and the Society of Illustrators. Factory 43 offers custom designs and high-quality standards.

3. Urban Outfitters


The renowned fashion brand Urban Outfitters builds up its marketing campaign meeting the 18 to 30 years old young audience’s needs. 10% student discount and multi-buyer offers on specific clothes, for instance a 20% OFF if buying ANY 2 OR MORE type of items. Each brand UO sells, aim a particular segment of buyers.

4. Small Victory

The independent clothing brand Small Victory based in UK finds its inspiration in music and on this one it focus the brilliant communication campaign.
It uses metal, alternative rock and doom-pop bands such as Mallory Knox, Heart in Hand and Lonely the Brave to endorse shirts, hoods and jackets. It was born only four years ago, but Small Victory is already reaching important goals.

5. Little Deer

The UK brand Little Deer aims to stock small independent brands and designers. It encourages young people to express their identity through what they choose to wear. It is a fashion platform to discover and promoting young talents in the intimates, jewellery, accessories and clothing fields.

6. Norwegian Rain

The idea behind Norwegian Rain is as simple as effective. The brand was born in Bergen, Norway the rainiest city of Europe. This was the starting point for the waterproof outerwear. Functional, rainproof but still stylish and fashionable. High-tech rain-resistant technology and sophisticated minimalistic jackets.

7. Closed

With more than 30 years of experience, Closed sells sportswear, denim, utility and fashion attire. Products are made in Italy, even though the company is based in Germany. The online platform provides a fit guide to choose the denim according with physical characteristics. The social media presence is very active and promote items thanks to special seasonal promotion and celebrity endorsement.

8. The Whitepepper

East London based, The Whitepepper is a fashion brand which reached a great success just selling online. Its colourful street style and vintage designs do not have any direct retailers. But international sellers such as Asos, Topshop, Urban Outfitters and several independent retailers stock its clothing, footwear and accessories for men and women. Founded just 4 years ago, it rapidly affirmed its presence worldwide.

9. Nasty Gal

The women-only brand bases the digital and social media strategy on its vision: Nasty Gal is the coolest girl in the room. They recently launch a campaign to recruit eight girls to represent the brand in universities as “Nasty Galedictorians”. Definitely a good way to reach the young ladies target. The shop is easy-to-navigate and the catchy blog plenty of interviews and special features.

10. Lookmatic

Lookmatic sells fully customized eyewear. The website platform is memorable and appealing. It offers special features including the virtual trying on, which allows to upload a picture to try different customized models.

In conclusion, these tips may help you design new creative strategy to sell your fashion brand online.

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