4 Packaging Inserts that Enhance Parcel Delivery Experience

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In our last blog, What is Branded Packaging Experience?, we explained what branded packaging is, and why it’s important.

In this follow up blog, we go into a little more detail about one of the “must-dos” of branded packaging: inserts.

With billions of parcels being delivered every year, packaging inserts offer businesses a great and cost-effective way to further their objectives.

Those receiving parcels give, for a few minutes, their parcel their undivided attention. So, any bonuses or extras contained within the box will almost certainly be seen and handled. Marketers dream about such captive audiences, but, for some reason, packaging inserts are often not used as effectively as they could be.

But this may be a good thing. With many companies (especially smaller ones) putting little or no thought into the inserts they include within their parcels, making sure that yours are bang-on will allow you to really impress your customers.

And impress your customers you must. Many studies have shown that it’s easier to retain your existing customers than to acquire new ones. And packaging inserts provide you with a way to exceed your customers’ expectations and build brand loyalty.

The biggest cost of marketing is reaching consumers, and packaging inserts are an incredibly effective way of communicating. The cost of sending a parcel is unavoidable, so why not make sure that your parcels not only get your goods to your customers on time, but also do a little marketing work too? More for your money, and all that.

Inserts can also be highly targeted. You already know what your customer ordered, and this information can be used to make sure that the insert you include is likely to strike a chord with them.

Additionally, inserts are a great way to shift low-selling products. You can give suitable customers a great deal (which makes them feel special) and free-up some of your storage space. Two birds, one stone.

We hope we’ve managed to get you as enthusiastic about inserts as we are. Now, here’s our list of four packaging inserts to enhance the parcel delivery experience.

1. Discounts and Special Offers

Discounts and special offers are probably the most popular packaging insert. And there’s a reason.


They can be included very easily – since they are generally printed on a business card-sized piece of paper – and they are lightweight, which means your courier costs will remain the same.

Whilst it’s true that you could email or otherwise digitally deliver these messages, these mediums don’t have the same guarantee of being seen. Also, your consumer is much more likely to be in a “buying” frame of mind when they receive your parcel – if they bought, say, a BBQ, including a discount on tongs may be incredibly enticing.

And discount and special offer inserts are also very versatile. You can choose between general store discounts or offers on specific targeted product. You can give consumers a special code, or direct them to a specific landing page. You can choose how your cards will look with providers such as Vista Print and Zazzle. And you can even approach a third-party and offer them a chance to promote their wares inside your deliveries.

2.Product Samples

Including a product sample can be a great value add. Throwing in another product with your parcel deliveries is an excellent opportunity to introduce customers to products they may not previously have been interested in. Cross-selling in this way can generate more interest in different product lines and enhance your brand – getting customers to use you for more and more products.


However, samples have to be small – meaning not every product is suitable. And they must be well-packaged (especially if they’re liquids such as body-washes or shampoos). They must also not detract for the customer’s actual order, so shouldn’t take up too much space in the box.

The bigger the customer’s order, the bigger the product sample can be. Be careful, though, you don’t want to give too much away for free. The key is giving just enough to whet your customer’s appetite.

Again, you may be able to come to some agreement with a third-party whereby you include their product with your parcel deliveries for a fee.


What’s the difference between a gift and a product sample?


Well, a gift does not even attempt to get your customers to cross sell. With gifts, all of the value goes toward your branding. As such, a free gift should not really be something that you actually sell yourself. It may not even complement the product your customer has bought.

For example, including a chocolate bar with your clothes deliveries, or a novelty toy with the bicycle parts you sell, may simply give your customers a pleasant surprise, and win them over to your brand.

Be thoughtful, and you’ll keep customers coming back again and again.

4.Thank you notes

Nothing beats good manners. And a simple thank you can go a long way.


In our previous blog, What is Branded Packaging Experience?, we talked about how a personalised message can be a great way to get your customers attention and affection. In fact, smaller businesses who have the time to handwrite such notes may experience the most benefit from such efforts.

Let you your customers know you care, and you’ll earn a place in their hearts. Companies that touch their customers on an emotional level experience huge brand loyalty and repeat custom (hence those heart wrenching Christmas supermarket ads).


There’s no hard and fast rules when it comes to the inserts you can include with you parcel deliveries.

The first step is figure out what you’re trying to achieve with your inserts. Once you have an objective, you’ll be able to choose the most appropriate insert. And think outside the box (not literally…all inserts should probably go in the box) and experiment with different ideas.

Are you using including inserts with your parcel deliveries? If so, what have you found works? And what hasn’t? Let us know with a comment.



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