5 Easy Tips To Increase Repeat Orders On Your E-commerce Store

Tips To Increase Repeat Orders

We have been given you in the past many tips to help you bringing new customers on your online store. But this is not enough. Today we want to get them to come back. Take a look at these 5 easy steps to increase repeat orders for your store.

Send a discount code

A really effective way to convince your clients to repeat purchases is to give them a discount code within the order. Also according to a university study, often shipping discounts are viewed more favourably by customers than discounts specific to products. Moreover, the discount code may be a good way to generate word of mouth and reach new customers since your client could pass their discount code to friends.

Market to your mailing list

Repeat customers are the easiest to sell to as they have already demonstrated to be interested in your product. To make sure they will remember you when they think about making a new purchase, send them remarkable content and discounts every so often. In this way, you will make sure they will think about you. However be careful to not to send them too many emails to not to be directed straight to the spam folder.

Remember their birthday

It would be nice to send your clients tailored offers on their birthday.
People are generally happiest on this day, indeed. By contacting them on their birthday and offering them a small “gift” from you, customers will feel more obliged to make a repeat order there and then. This act of kindness will be registered by the customer and they will be more likely to make more orders in the future as well as improving your relationship.

Ask for feedback

Try to ask your clients a feedback about the purchase experience. Realistically speaking though, most of the people will decline to take a survey because, simply they couldn’t be bothered. Usually, people who take the time to answer these questions have been treated either exceptionally or terribly. You will probably receive at some point a criticism, be sure to take heed and try to address whatever problems they outline. Making alterations based on the feedback you will prove to customers that you care about them. Always respond to negative feedback in a patient and understanding way.

Thank you notes

Sometimes online shopping experiences may be a bit impersonal. In order to be remembered, you should prove your customers that you care about them. You could include a nice postcard or a handwritten note to thanks them.

In conclusion, here you have 5 simple techniques you can implement today to ensure you get customers coming back again and again!

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