5 Shopify Themes For Fashion Brands

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One of the greatest strenghts of Shopify is how easy it is to get a great looking store up and running within days – where other platforms can take weeks or even months.

One of the most time consuming elements of setting up a store is entering all of your product data and getting decent imagery ready. After that, getting a decent theme set up is the biggest challenge.

The following themes will help you get your store looking exceptional within minutes. Each is ideal for fashion, clothing, accessory and jewellery brands.


Retina is a stunning theme that supports sizable, high-resolution images, which will assist you in showcasing your products to the customer as if they had them in their hands.

Perfect from presenting brand re-enforcing imagery, this theme excels when applied to clothing, accessories and jewellery brands.



Showcase is a clean theme that makes use of modern elements such as full-screen images and multi-level menus.

Full-screen product galleries and retina-ready graphics make this the ideal theme for high-end boutiques, artisans and crafts people who want to demonstrate their products in a luxurous context.



Want to build a site that has a similar look to fashion e-commerce giants ASOS or Net-A-Poter? Then check out Fashionopolism.

Sharp, sophisticated and with millions of settings to fine tune (or leave as default), this is one for stores with ambitions to grow.



This contemporay and minimal theme, called Responsive, is perfect for brands who want to keep the digital experience as simple as possible and focus on directing customers to the attention to detail of the products.



Flat, a theme coded by certified Shopify Experts, is built with Bootstrap 3, HTML5 and CSS3. With mobile friendly dropdown menus, featured categories and a trendy look, this theme is ideal for stores looking for a layout with a current feel.


Any one of these Shopify themes will make for a great looking store – consider the amount of items you have, and what type of images you are hoping to use when picking your theme, and we’re sure you’ll end up with a site that you can be proud to have representing your brand.

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