6 Tips to increase your sales on online marketplaces

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In today’s online market, being able to sell something online is simplistic, hence many people are doing it which increases the competition on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. In this article, we are going to help you to understand how to better sell an item online so you can yield the desired result.

Photos are necessary

In the world of sales, you need to have professionally created images, because when a person sees you listing, he will think that’s the exact item he will receive.

According to Konrad Sztorc which is the WebInterpret marketing manager, one of their clients told the company that images are indeed a necessity in the sales world, and the better the quality, the higher the outcome. A good idea will be to invest in a professional camera, training or if not possible, someone that can do this for you. High quality stock images are the key to sell a lot, so take that into account.

You do need to keep the quality consistent and as close to reality as possible. What you have to do here is to bring images that portray the product accurately just as it is, because if you sell sub-part items, you will be the one who will suffer in the long run. Disappointed customers lead to adverse reviews, and these will eat up from your revenue margin.

Think just like your customers

You can’t sell better unless you truly place yourself in the role of a customer. See what he likes, think like he does and inspect your products in an objective manner. Think about the words that describe your product through the eyes of a normal consumer, as this will help you find the desired keywords and generate sales.

Also, make sure that you work with a normal language, and avoid overpromoting your services. Using an objective approach will yield you a much better result. At the same time, an excellent idea is to add some identifiers such as EANs, ISBNs and UPCs in the item description, as this will give the product a sense of credibility.

Think about free shipping

More services for the same price always entices the user, and all you have to do is to showcase that on the product page. Based on the WebInterpret research, free shipping  can bring you up to 30% more, which is quite a lot to say the least.

Web statistics actually show that online shoppers also tend to spend more products if they include free shipping, other persons (58%) wait for discounted and free shipping before purchase, and around 61% of the whole online shoppers say that if an item has free shipping, this makes them pull the trigger and purchase. Not only that, but 64% actually prefer to work with a retailer that provides such a thing. Do ensure that you offer free shipping, because the more value you provide for the client’s money, the higher the chances that he will become your return customer.

Respect your customers

In order to take care of a relationship, all you have to do is to nurture it. Try to please your customers at all times and provide customer support, engage them in creating and using affiliate programs and so on.

The affiliate programs do bring a lot of value, especially since they provide a higher exposure, but you can also use these discounts for the loyal customer base. Either way, you do need to protect and respect your current customers by giving them a reason to purchase from you. Around 24% of the customer base recommend products to others, and this provides you with free exposure. On the other hand, more than 40% of the whole user base wants to ensure that you don’t get a good image if they are unhappy with your offerings.

Sell Overseas

A good idea to bring more exposure, and higher revenues is to sell internationally. To do that, you will have to know at least understand the oversea market that you are targeting, also to work with a shipping partner (eg: Shipwire) that will allow you to monitor the shipping process at all times. Many sellers who sell overseas can double or even triple the revenues in a short period, and hence this is worth considerating.

Review listings

If you sell on eBay or have your online store, always review your listing every three months or so. Investigate and find out why some listings are more successful than the other, and improve the rest to using your finding. A/B test different wording, approach and tweak and see the differences using an analytic tool like Google Analytic.

Bottom line, do and try our different things, take the above ideas into account as they can prove to be very helpful in the sales process!

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