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In the world of online sales, eBay was and still is one of the most influential companies, because the way they managed to encourage sales helped numerous people from all over the world start companies and sell their products in this very platform.

However, it seems that even eBay can’t stand the test of time and the e-commerce world has started to surpass, at least in some ways, the online marketplace giant.

What’s happening with the eBay auction system?

One of the things that lead to the eBay decline comes from a post on ChannelAdvisorthat states the marketplace giant seems to have a hard time with making the auctions viable, as it had a 26.2% decline this February, when compared with the past year.The study has been created based on the data that was gathered from retailers as well as sellers that use eBay on a regular basis and it surely manages to provide a unique insight into the role, health and world of online trading. Based on the ChannelAdvisorstudy, the decline in auctions is truly worrying, as the amount of auctions on eBay seems to lower each month up to the point of actually making us believe that the auction side of this platform might be heading to a complete disaster in the upcoming months or years.

Of course, the data needs to be taken with a grain of salt because most of the large sellers that use CA are actually focusing more on direct sales rather than auctions, so data might not exactly be as accurate as you might think. On the other hand, this is still a huge amount of sales that we are talking about, so there might be some truth to the whole story.

How does this impact eBay sales?

Is the lower amount of auctions on eBay something to worry about? Well, as we mentioned earlier, there are some sellers that have other means of selling a parcel oneBay, but on the other hand there are thousands or even more that still use the eBay auction system that might be affected by the constant decline of the auctioning system on this platform.

In addition to that, eBay is widely known for the auctioning system, and let’s face it, this constant decline would certainly manage to dent the huge brand that the company has created in the past year. Combine that with the fact that PayPal isn’t dependent on eBay anymore and you can see a reason why the decline might have appeared in the first place, alongside many other ones, of course.

Many users have started to use the fixed price selling method because they weren’t satisfied with the final prices that the auctioning system brought them, and this is another reason that might have contributed to the constant decline of this auctioning system.

Is there a way to save the action system on eBay?

There might be one, which involves the company refreshing and revamping it in order to make the system more appealing and competitive. A potential crash of the auction system will definitely hamper the eBay experience and brand overall, so it’s clear that this should remain a part of eBay, but it’s up to the marketplace giant to choose its direction!

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