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This month, WebRetailer has released its lists displaying the top sellers on eBay. The results are quite interesting! It is quite impressive to see that 4 of the top 5 sellers on eBay at the moment are from the UK – way to go United Kingdom! But if you look at the global stats, it becomes quite clear that there is one country that is dominating the rankings. That country is China!


Topping the List

So what makes you a top eBay seller?

To start with, all the sellers on WebRetailer’s list – you can have a look at it here – have to own Premium Stores, which in the UK we refer to as Featured Shops. After which, for six months these sellers need to have gained the highest number of positive feedback.

By looking only at the ratings of the past six months, WebRetailer keeps the lists accurate. It also shows who the hot sellers are right now and ignores those who are not trading anymore.

WebRetailer is quite transparent on the method of its calculations. They compile their stats mainly from customer feedback and not from sales data. In this way, sellers know what they have to do to try to get themselves further up the ranking.

International Trade

WebRetailer have done a lot of research on the topic of cross-border trade and this is what they had to say about it:

Over 35% of the top 1,000 eBay sellers are serious cross-border traders – they are based in one country and have a Premium (or Featured) eBay Store in another.That’s up from 31% in 2014

Of those international eBay traders, 89% are based in China or Hong Kong – that makes 315 sellers in total. An increase from 281 in 2014. This means that 34 of the new sellers on the list are Chinese exporters. Which accounts for the majority of the increase in the total cross-border trade.

Over half of all cross-border traders are Chinese sellers exporting directly to the US. In fact, 18% of the top 1,000 eBay sellers are based in China with eBay Stores in the USA. This number remained the same as in 2014.

A further 135 sellers –14.6% – are based in China or Hong Kong and export to other countries in the West. That’s up from 102 in 2014.

Most of the increase in cross-border trade comes from businesses in China and Hong Kong. Other than the US, these businesses are selling to countries which are selling to countries like the UK. Which has also seen an increase of its number of sellers from 33 to 59.

Change in trends

China has not always dominated the top 1000 list. We can see that the UK, currently, has the top three sellers worldwide. In 2014, the UK ranked number one worldwide with 292 sellers in the top 1000 and China was second with 250.

But the chart now shows that the two countries have swapped places. China’s sellers are learning how to trade in the marketplace. They are doing it efficiently and are producing better results.

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