City Link Enters Administration – Next Step?


You may be savvy to the regrettable news that City Link was placed into administration on Christmas day, in a series of events that is likely to see more than 2,000 staff out of work in the new year.

City Link is now under the administration of Ernst & Young, who are in discussions with worker’s union RMT about how redundancies will be handled. The unfortunate situation has made national news, with RMT demanding an immediate meeting with Business Secretary Vince Cable, who the union hope will launch a rescure effort for the struggling business.

But the thousands of employees that may be losing their jobs are not the only ones who have been affected by the collapse of the well known courier. Many SME businesses, and even national retailers, have come to rely on City Link for their deliveries, especially if their business is in the e-commerce arena.

If you are one of the many businesses that are being affected by City Link’s collapse, here is some advice on how to continue operations with minimum disruption.

What does CityLink’s collapse mean to your business?

  • CityLink are no longer making collections, as this would cause further losses, so if you are expecting anything to be collected by their couriers, you’ll need to make alternative arrangements
  • Your business is going to have to find a new provider and may not be able to negotiate the same rates as you had with CityLink until a relationship with the new provider has been developed. One of the causes of CityLink’s repeated loss-making could have been their very low rates – so brace yourself and expect to pay more with your new supplier
  • You may have to temporarily stop trading or at least advise customers of severe delays to delivery times until you are set up with your new delivery provider

How can ParcelBright help you during this emergency?

  • ParcelBright is a stable parcel delivery solution who support thousands of the UK’s high-street chains, e-commerce businesses and eBay sellers. In 2014 we secured $1,000,000 worth of investment and are on target to deliver 500,000 parcels per annum
  • We work with a broad range of couriers, meaning if one partner goes bust, you’ll still have plenty of options to choose from. Booking through us means you always have multiple backup options to work with should your usual provider suddenly go out of business. We offer delivery via DHL, DPD, Hermes, Interlink Express, UKMail, Collect+, with many more coming in early 2015. With our system, you can book parcels with a different courier with a single click.
  • We have negotiated bulk discount rates with a wide range of the UK’s courier companies, meaning we can offer you cheaper rates than you would be able to get if you went to the courier directly
  • With ParcelBright, you can sign up and begin booking collections within minutes. To help you make the transition, ParcelBright will send your first parcel for free (up to the value of £7.99)

So, if you’ve found yourself stuck without City Link, try ParcelBright to get deliving again as soon as possible and make sure any future issues with couriers will not impact your business.

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