Dealing With Your Customers With Damaged Items

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Ring Ring! My phone goes off next to my pillow; a shrill greeting to a new day. Before answering the phone, I attempt to cough the frog out my throat. “Good morning!” a woman wished me with a tone of voice that wished nothing of the sort. She explained the coffee maker she’d bought from me was too loud for her open-plan apartment. She suspected it of being broken, as it seemed quieter when it arrived.

“I mean grinding coffee is just a noisy process, isn’t it?”


Being sympathetic to someone barking orders at you can be the hardest thing, add a Monday morning to it and it’s a real treat. Even so, I resisted the urge to tell her to try requesting a refund on her apartment. Instead I started ordering her a return delivery on I could accept a photo of the broken item and give her refund options, however I wanted to test it to see if it was actually damaged. She had received the purchase a few days ago, and maybe given it some thought. …But grinding coffee is just a noisy process, isn’t it?


I found her address in my shipments history. It needed entering into the new delivery fields on the online ordering page. Reluctantly I spoke to her again and asked: “What day would be best for you to have the coffee machine picked up?” I asked if she’d like to drop off the coffee machine at a parcel-shop instead. Unusually for returns, she chose to drop off the product as she wasn’t sure when she’d be in. The coffee machine needed to get back to me in good condition if I was to resell if it wasn’t actually broken. I completed my online delivery order; it would return her coffee machine to my address from a drop off parcel-shop.


After looking up her local drop off location from the chosen courier’s website, I printed off the page along with packaging guidelines found on the FAQ at Next I print off the delivery label I was emailed on confirmation of my order. All labels should be printed onto printable sticker paper. My printer has to make as much noise as her coffee machine.The print-outs along with an empty folded box appropriate for the coffee machine all go into another box. I sealed the box with packaging tape. Now I order another delivery, this time to her address from mine. The print out of the label gets securely stuck on top of my box-in-a-box.

12:36am (next day):

The courier collects my sealed parcel, scans the label on top and delivers it to the lady’s address. Thankfully I had told her what to expect in an email, and she is happy I will refund her once I’ve inspected the coffee machine back. Days go by… and no delivery! I check the tracking status of the box-in-a box on and the box-in-a-box had arrived at hers. I check the inner box’s delivery status and it says it hasn’t been dropped off yet at a parcel-shop. Finally I called her and asked if something is wrong? Why hasn’t she dropped off the coffee machine? She replies sweetly “Well I went to a friend’s flat and her coffee machine was even louder then mine. So I figured grinding coffee is just a noisy process.


There is just no telling with some customers! In the end I didn’t have to refund her. I was able to cancel her drop off delivery online, through the “MY SHIPMENTS” tracking page. After reclaiming the return delivery’s cost, I told her the return-label from inside the box was no longer valid. Finally I asked her not to call my “customer service” number before 7am.

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