eBay blames the robot if your order is late

RadioconRobot 1

eBay is a very reputable online marketplace, but from time to time they do like to add some fun stuff to add that special touch. Simply put, the deliveries that were late during the Easter period were blamed on the Robots.

Back in April, they sent an email with the subject “BLAME IT ON THE ROBOTS“. While many people think it is fraudulent, it informs all customers that the technical glitch experienced during this period was caused by the robots, and the items might take up to 2 more days until they arrive.

Instead of the corporate and formal email that you can find in most companies nowadays, eBay nailed it with this one. Sure, you items are delayed, but reading such e-mail does make you feel the unordinary, and at least you will not be mad at them.

At the end of the email, eBay does admit and take the blame by telling that the idea of the robots was reprimanded, which is a rather interesting thing to say the least.

At the same time, they have also informed sellers that any issues such as low ratings or neutral feedback caused by this were removed, according to the Defect Removal Policy that the company has and states.

It’s very interesting to see how a company like eBay does bring in such ideas and jokes, and hopefully many will follow in the coming days.

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