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EBay Seller Fees 101

Back in March 2015, eBay announced some upcoming changes that would take place in April and summer 2015. As of April 2nd, two of these changes have already hit the market. The third will occur this summer. On a positive note, eBay listened to seller feedback and decided to revoke one of the originally planned changes.

Let’s first look at the changes that eBay has already implemented. For each sales category, eBay changed their final value fees. With the exception of the jewelry category, in which the fee actually decreased slightly, the fees went up in every other area. What eBay did was look at the current percentages, and rounded them up to the next whole percent. Keep in mind that regardless of the closest whole number, the fee was always rounded up- again, with the exception of jewelry. For example, the final value fee for electronics and devices used to be 4.35%; it has since been rounded to 5%, even though, mathematically speaking, we would typically round that number down to 4%. It should be noted that some categories still have a maximum amount that will be charged. The amount collected by eBay for electronics and devices, fashion items, furniture and bath products, holiday and travel, and tires will be capped at different amounts depending on the percentage retained by eBay for the item.

Another change taking place affects those using eBay Premium Service. Premium Service is a label offered by eBay to sellers who continuously offer great service to customers. Buyers prefer purchasing from Premium Sellers because Premium Sellers are reviewed frequently to ensure they offer quality products and services. Buyers also have the opportunity to return their products without hassle within two weeks of purchase. Sellers cannot opt into the Premium Service, which makes it more valuable to buyers. With numerous benefits, sellers worked hard to reach that Premium label. Previously, Premium Sellers received a slash in the final value fees mentioned above. Their final fee would be 15% less than a regular seller on eBay. Now, that percentage has been reduced to 10%. For sellers who sell in high volumes, this change will certainly add up.

Coming this summer, an additional adjustment will take place for those using an Anchor Shop. As the highest priced shop eBay offers to its sellers, users are used to seeing unlimited free listings on their Anchor Shop. As of this summer, free listings will be capped at 50,000. After that, users will have to pay for any additional listings. There will be an additional package offered for those who want unlimited free listings, but it’s not quite free if you have to purchase the additional package.

Sellers are not happy about the changes. One proposed change was that any item still listed after 18 months would incur a fee. Because of customer backlash, this change has been revoked. Now, eBay simply encourages sellers to remove items that aren’t sold after that 18 month time period in order to rid the site of clutter and improve shopping for buyers.

According to a statement released by eBay, their goal is to remain competitive in other markets while also investing in sellers to help them improve their own businesses. According to eBay, this investment comes at a price. Furthermore, eBay hopes to make the website easier to navigate for buyers and sellers alike. eBay also believes the new fee structure is simpler. It’s important that eBay sellers know about these changes in order to price their items competitively.

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