eBay listing frames are starting to work again

EBay Listing Sample

In the past few weeks, many eBay sellers have continually stated that they are irritated by the fact that their listing frame has been entirely removed from listings. This is a major downside for users, especially for those that relied on it in order to make the product more appealing.

Despite the fact that this particular item has been removed for quite a long time, it seems that it will be fixed in the end, according to the eBay officials.

Some users have contacted the eBay customer support in order to receive help with listings, and based on request, the eBay listing frame was fixed and dealt with in a professional manner.

According to a few persons that have called the eBay customer support, they were told that the issues can be dealt with via manual tweak and that particular tweak does not take a lot of time, in fact it actually needs a minute to be performed and take effect. Once the call was made, the listing frame has appeared. Based on what those persons said, it seems that there is an actual note in the customer support tech report that tells the support specialists how to perform the issue.

For now at least, the way this issue was fixed is a mystery to say the least, but hopefully as more and more people will talk with eBay customer support and get the problem solved, one of them will be able to figure out what the change is all about, and how the general public can perform it.

Based on what eBay officially stated, they are working to solve the issue. The Listing Frame has been restored but there are still many users that aren’t seeing all shop categories, and they do need an account refresh. Of course, if any person has an issue in this regard, then all they have to do is to contact customer support rather fast, as this will help them get the best possible outcome. The total restoration of the listing frame, for all accounts, might take a little while, so if you do experience such an issue, then you just need to contact the eBay customer support and they will help you!


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