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Pretty much everyone has heard of eBay, but not everyone quite understands what it’s all about and what it can do for you and your business. EBay has built up a reputation of the place to go to grab a great bargain, which obviously makes it attractive to buyers, so, why should sellers get involved? Well, the fact that sellers are flocking to the site in order to buy more would mean that it is a very sensible place to set up shop!

Why join eBay?

First of all, eBay has millions of customers from all over the world, so you instantly become an international eBay seller! Your product will be seen by millions of potential customers from all over the world, as the traffic that goes through the site is absolutely huge. Your potential income is pretty much unlimited and is perfect for those who are new to selling and marketing because eBay actually does all your marketing for you! Getting started with eBay is almost risk-free as they only get paid once you sell your item, so there isn’t anything stopping you from listing. Another great reason to use eBay as a selling platform is that they have so many safety measures in place so that both buyers and sellers are protected against things such as fraud.

How to set up an account

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You can have an eBay seller account within seconds of signing up – it really is that simple. When you go to eBay, upon clicking the “Register” button, a very simple form comes up asking you to fill in your name, email and password. Once you hit submit, you have an eBay account! That’s it!

But how do I  start selling?

If you go to My Account or My eBay, you will see your dashboard, but this area is both for selling and buying, so you will need to specifically go to the “Sell” area. Here, you will need to fill in further contact information, such as your full address and phone number.

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Once this is done, you can go back to the “Sell” area in “My eBay” and you can see your eBay Seller Dashboard. Here you can see all the information regarding anything you are selling. This includes active or scheduled listings as well as any sold or unsold items. Other selling reminders will also be present here. Once you have items for sale, you will be able to track how they are doing here.

Checking your messages

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Within “My eBay” you should be able to see a “Messages” tab, next to the Activity tab where your seller dashboard is located. When you first create your eBay seller account, you should check your messages for your Welcome Email. Here, it introduces you to the site and also allows you to have the option of changing your user ID. In order to do this, you should click the “Account Preferences” link and then follow on-screen instructions to change your user ID.

Opening a basic store

subscriptions tab eBay Dashboard by ParcelBright

In the “My Account” section of your dashboard, on the left-hand side, there is a sub-item called “Subscriptions”. When clicking this link, you will be presented with some options. One of these will include: “Basic Store”. However, you will notice that you are not allowed to start a basic store without having an active eBay seller account, which you will not yet have at this stage. In order to do this, you will need to confirm your contact information with eBay.

On the store page, there will be a message notifying you that you cannot start the store without the active account and there will be a link to activate. On this page, you can confirm your contact information and the number for eBay to call; they will call you right away! They will then give you a four-digit PIN in order to confirm your identity. You will also be required to prove that you can pay eBay seller fees charged for having a store and for successfully selling items. Therefore, you will either need to provide credit card information or PayPal details.

Starting out as an eBay seller

When you first start out on eBay, it might be a little frustrating, as you will be subjected to strict selling limits. You can only sell 10 items or items up to a value of $1000 per month. Therefore, you will need to be patient; you will need to sell these items and receive top feedback on these transactions and eBay will review your performance and will increase your selling limits by about 80% each month. However, eBay are rather selective and only let the best sellers on their site and so they will want to know the following information:

  1. Where you get your items
  2. How many items you will be listing each month
  3. What the average selling price of each item will be

Therefore, you need to ensure that you focus very hard on selling good quality items and keeping your customers happy. There are categories where you can receive feedback, such as accuracy of description, customer response time and shipping time and your aim is to get 5* feedback for each transaction. Then you can call eBay each month and share your business plan with them and convince them that your business is worth the increase in selling limit.

How to improve your performance on eBay

It is really important to follow the rules on eBay and tips on how to improve your performance, as eBay are very strict on whom they let sell on their site and they often remove sellers.

There are some great resources on eBay’s knowledge base that actually really help you as a seller and teach you how to become a successful eBay seller.

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