How to increase repeat orders in your online store

Customer Loyalty

Having customers that purchase from your website is one thing, but the main challenge comes from maintaining them return purchasers for a long period. In this article, we have comprised a few ideas that will provide you with the inspiration that you need to obtain those repeat orders you need for your business.

Discount codes

A good idea when it comes to encouraging people to become repeat buyers is to provide them with a discount code when they order again. You can also try to opt for a shipping discount, as these always seem to make customers happy at all times. Not only that, but discounts are free exposure because people always want smaller prices.

Promote to the mailing list

Do remember that selling to the repeat customers is easier because they already know you can provide a high value and thus they will be interested in working with you again. The main challenge here comes in connecting with the return customers, and you can do that via mails. However, do not send too many messages, as this just sends a bad image and example for your business endeavors. Instead, what you want to do is to send mails from time to time and keep them personalized to obtain the best possible results that you can.

Keep track of birthdays

If you want to connect with the audience the right way, an exquisite idea is to remember the client’s birthday. Offer a discount for their birthday, as this is helpful. It doesn’t matter how small or large the discount really is, the main idea is to try and show your appreciation for the fact that the customer still works with you, as this will make it obliged to perform a repeat order once again.

Sure, you might think that this is not worth the time invested, but the reality is that these kind gestures are always bringing impressive results to the table. You have to improve the relationship you have with the customers, and even a small gesture will bring you an amazing set of results in the end.

Ask your customers for feedback

Not everyone likes to waste time going through survey, but there are people that genuinely care about your products and want to share their two cents. Sure, there are two sides here, those that feel that they were treated fairly or people that feel disappointed.

Most of the time you will get more good feedback instead of the bad one, but do take criticism seriously and be constructive, since this will help you improve your products and services. Remember that the main goal is to always provide your customers with the best outcome, so no matter the type of feedback you get, respond to it in a professional manner and be understanding.

Thank you notes

Receiving a note brings a warm, fuzzy feeling inside, and because of that it’s crucial to connect with the user base and talk with them as often as possible. It doesn’t have to be handwritten, you can opt for a digital one, but make sure that you have a professional behavior because this is all that matters at the end. This thing brings you an amazing technique to not only show that you care about the customer, but also showcase yours appreciate their former purchases. These notes work great, so check them out.

In summary, these are the best, simplest yet most efficient techniques that you can use in order to make your users come back and purchase from you time and time again. Don’t hesitate and check these out, you will like the results for sure!

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