How To Use eBay’s Turbo Lister

Ebay Turbolister Through Bulk Uploading

Okay, excellent. You’re up and running and have already begun selling on eBay. You’ve read our guide to getting your postage costs in order, and your are now adept when it comes to accounting for eBay and PayPal fees. You’ve found a niche and are having success at selling to it on the ‘Bay. You’re making a few quid.

But now it’s time to scale up.

Getting you hands on more stock could pose a challenge, but for the most part, suppliers are going to more than happy to sell you more product. And with eBay’s gargantuan customer base, you aren’t likely to struggle to find more customers (depending on how niche your product is, of course).

The next task you face is streamlining the process of adding your product listings to eBay, so that you can go about adding oodles more listings in a scalable fashion.

That’s where eBay’s Turbo Lister comes in.

What is eBay Turbo Lister and why do I care?

eBay Turbo Lister is a tool that’s created by eBay themselves, which allows you to create listings in bulk. That means you can upload tens, hundreds or even thousands of listings in one go.

Using the tool can saves days of work for even medium sized eBay businesses, and leaves you time to focus on finding products that sell and creating listings that make the reader drool over the product.

The best thing about eBay Turbo Lister (other than it’s going to save you hours of painstaking manual entry) is that it’s free for any eBay user to download and start using.

The downside is that it’s only available for Windows (sort it out eBay!) and that you have to install the program onto your hard drive – you can’t simply run it in a browser like many modern apps. In this way, eBay Turbo Lister gives away it’s age, but not to worry. It might look decrepid, but it works, saves time, and is free – and those things count in business.

Here are a few details about what eBay Turbo Lister’s features are:

Bulk editing functionality

  • Enter all of your listing information while you are offline, and upload them all at once
  • Change the format or add item details to multiple items at once (bulk editing)
  • Duplicate listings to create new ones or similar ones in your inventory Faster creation and editing of listing
  • Make quick changes to items in a convienient grid view
  • Simple design editor allows you to format text with ease
  • Easily preview the appearance of listings before you set them live

Customise your listings

  • Allows you to turn of fields you seldom use to save you time on the form.
  • Built-in search tools allow you to find your items instantaneously
  • Vast range of colour and font options
  • See what your items would look like with assorted feature upgrades (e.g. image gallery upgrades)

How To Get eBay Turbo Lister Up And Running

  • First thing’s first, you’ll need to head over to eBay and download the eBay Turbo Lister program for Windows
  • Run the .exe file to install the program
  • The first time you run eBay Turbo Lister, you’ll have to input some settings to get the program ready for use. Fortunately, these steps are all pretty self-explanatory
  • Select the setting to “set up a new Turbo Lister file
  • You’ll be asked to enter your eBay ID and password next. It’s safe to do this, the program is made by eBay themselves
  • On the next page, you’ll be asked if you want to import your existing eBay listings. You should probably choose yes to this, it’ll populate the program with data which will make it easier to start duplicating listings and see how the program works
  • You can now choose if you want to leave the tips turned on, or if you would like to turn them off. They might seem annoying, but the tips can help new users find their way around the app and find features they might now have stumbled across otherwise

Adding Listings Using eBay Turbo Lister

Create a new listing

Now you are ready to add your fisrt item using eBay Turbo Lister.

  • Click File > New > Item. This will open the Create New Item window
  • Enter the details of your item, such as title, subtitle etc.
  • Select your item category (the + button opens sub-categories)
  • If your category requires, you’ll then be asked to enter some item specifics

Adding images

An image is worth 1000 words, and can certainly make or break a sale on eBay.

  • Clicking on the “Customize” button to the right of “Pictures and Description” will allow you to to select eBay Picture Service or Self-hosted Pictures
  • If you choose to use eBay Picture Services, you can click on the image well to select a picture to upload from your computer.
  • Once you have picked your image, you will be able to crop it by using the draggable corner handles. You can also rotate the image etc.
  • Click “Insert” when you are done.
  • Should you decide that you would rather self-host your images, you’ll need toprovide the URLs at this point.

Creating an item description

Now for the most important part. Your product description.

  • You can simply begin typing out your item description in the Description field, or choose to open the Description Builder which allows you to format your description
  • Use the formatting tools to create the appearance you desire for your listings. Remember, less is often more and too much work in this area can actually harm your sales

Designing your listing

On the left hand side, you will see options to use the listing designer. Using this has fees attached, per item. You can select a theme, choose one of the borders and set a layout for your photos.

Inventory Information

Now you can use the Custom Label field to add details such as internal part numbers, SKU or any other data you need to keep on your item records.

Selling Format

Now you must select the format of your listing. This could be an auction, fixed price, ad format, store inventory or Best Offer only.

Next you set your start, reserve & Buy It Now prices, and set your quantity. To clarify this option, if you have 2 separate items to sell, the quantity is 2. If you are selling 2 items together, the quantity is 1.

Finally, set the time duration for your auction or listing. Note whether a private listing and, if you wish to donate a percentage of your revenues to charity, complete the Donation section.

Listing Upgrades

Now you can select any listing upgrades that you may desire.

Shipping options, Payment Methods and returns

Set your shipping, insurance and sales tax options. Set your shipping weight, shipping methods, handling fee, insurance and sales tax options for calculated shipping.

Next up, you’ll need to select which payment methods you are willing to accept and enter your PayPal email address, should you accept it. Details on PayPal fees are outlined here.

Finally, you can edit your additonal instructions, return policy & buyer requirements, all of which will be included in your listing.

Hit “Preview”


Click on the Preview button now, to get a look at how your listing will appear to eBay surfers.

You can now save your item, but it won’t be uploaded to eBay just yet.

Optional: Save As Template

If the item you have created could be used as a basis for future listings (e.g. a listing for a black t-shirt would make a good template for a listing for a white t-shirt because only a few changes would be necessary), when you can now choose to “Save As Template“. Once you do so, a copy of your listing will be saved to your templates folder.

Ready To Upload To eBay!

So, you’ve created a few tempaltes and used those to create a range of listings that you feel ready to list on eBay.

Click on the “Add to Upload” link above the grid, then on the “Go Upload” button at the bottom of the window which pops up.

You can check your listing fees prior to uploading. To do so, just hit the “Calculate fees” link above the grid.Turbo Lister will go online and connect to eBay, after which you can hover on the fees column to see your per item listing fees.

The final step is to click “Upload All” to set your items live on eBay!

eBay Turbo Lister is a free, safe and official software package that is likely to save you hours every day if you are running even a small eBay business.

However, as you can by now tell, eBay could certainly do with updating the software and making the user experience a bit smoother.

In future, we’ll be reviewing enterprise level apps reated by third party companies which aim to help you list to eBay in bulk, but if you are just beginning to migrate from eBay’s web-app to using “power-user” tools, this is the way to go.

Good luck!

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