Is eCommerce delivery heading to the underground?

Mole Solution

Slowly but steadily streets get crowded, and transportation tends to be harder and harder to perform. Ecommerce delivery and freight shipping need to rely on a professional, reliable method of sending items from one place to another, especially since people are expecting faster and faster shipping.

With this in mind, Mole Solutions has started to look for a reliable way to do this, and in this crusade they headed underground. What the company did is that it created some vehicles, called models, which are powered by electricity and  run on Maglev tracks. These moles are right now set to undergo a test in the Northampton region, but the few tests that took place until now are very promising, showing that this might indeed be the solution for faster deliveries, especially in the e-commerce world.

Roger Millers, which worked at Esso as supply chain analyst told us that such a system already exists with oil and water being transported underground, so with the help of these moles, they want to take the experience to the next level. Earth is becoming more and more populated, and congestion has become, in the past few years, a massive issue that poses a lot of threats to the transportation businesses. Not only the UK, but countries such as India, China, and even the US are trying to deal with these problems.

While the idea of having moles underground might seem like sci-fi for many, the subway systems have shown that this is indeed a possibility and using such a thing for sending items between two cities fast can take ecommerce delivery to the next level. It’s all about efficiency, and as far as we can see the mole system does seem to deliver some extraordinary results. It’s funny to make the analogy with the post office underground subway in London being stopped a decade ago since that was a great way to send mail from one place to another via shuttled transportation! Hopefully, this type of mole transportation will take things to the next level!

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