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Brands’ logos and slogans constantly surround us in the physical and virtual space, communicating firms’ values, personalities and characteristics that distinguish them among competition.

Companies invest millions in the process called branding. This means individuating the promise firms want to deliver to customers. In other words, the promise tells which are the expectations the customers should have from your products and services.

But why do consumers choose a brand over another?

Their choices are influenced by one element: trust.
Your market has to trust your brand. To create this state of reliability, strong brands fulfill the promises they communicate constantly. What your brand ultimately delivers is the proof to be able maintaining the promises made.

Do not promise what you cannot deliver

Nowadays, is really easy to make judgments on a brad. Consumers’ opinion and critique are just a click away. If a brand does not keep a promise, this can be communicated to the world in a second, causing an immediate loss in the brand credibility. And for a brand, the unreliability is a huge damage.

Here some steps to follow to improve your branding or rebranding process.

  • Perception

Investigate on how consumer perceives your brand simply asking them. This will give you a first impression to understand if what you try to communicate and what they receive is the same message. Then, put together the top elements of your team and ask them how they would like the company to be perceived from the public. Create your slogan according to their ideas.

  • Differentiation

Who are your rivals? What do they do to express themselves? Analyse what works for them and what does not. Now think about what you can do to stand out from them and how you can be different.

  • Culture

Think about the culture of your company. Communicate it clearly to your employees and to the new people you hire. An established culture will be useful to communicate clearly what you expect from their behaviour.

  • Take care of your brand

Do not forget to take care of every aspect of your brand. Do not rush the branding process and consider each tool that may help developing it, such as PR, advertising or any other marketing activity.

  • Be consistent

Once you choose the message to develop, be consistent and pursuit it. Organise all your communication around it and deliver it often. People forget things. Use the style you choose all the time.

  • Get professional advices

If this process seems too complicated, invest some money in a branding expert who can help you dealing with all the different part of branding. The ROI is guaranteed.

In conclusion, brand management is not an easy job. But create a strong identity for your product will be useful to make it stand out.
Bear in mind to keep your promises though. If a good brand is easier to remember, a bad one it is even more.

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