More than 43% of all UK eBay users are not returning items

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Many people tend to encounter problems with eBay products, but while there is a return possibility, a large number chooses not to do it. Based on research that has been performed by Doddle, it seems that more than 1.5 billion pounds worth of merchandise remains within the homes of UK residents instead of finding its way back to the seller.

The main reason behind is the fact that many consider the return process to be very lengthy and inconvenient. Instead, they choose to either keep the product or to purchase a new one, which is quite intriguing to say the least.

More than 39% of the Brits have bought things they didn’t want, but even after realizing that, they didn’t bother to return the item. According to the same research, it seems that each person has at least 3 or more items that are unwanted and unreturned. As stated earlier, the reasons vary quite a lot, but usually they are within the lines that they either don’t have time to go through this process (21%); they don’t want to be bothered with such nonsense (43%); or they just don’t think that the products are valuable enough in order to be worth the effort of returning them (39%). The remaining 22% states that many return processes are confusing, and that’s a major issue for them, so they prefer just to avoid doing such a thing entirely.

But what items are unreturned most of the time? These would be clothing items, from trousers to shoes and women dresses for example. Doodle, a high street parcel shop, has started to introduce changing rooms in-store where people can try and return those purchases.

Dresses, electrical equipment, women shoes, trousers, blouses, jackets, homeware, jewelry and underwear are some of the most popular things that people fail to return when they shop online.

Many sellers see the unreturned items as the means to make a quick profit. But in the end, a person can leave negative feedback if they didn’t like the product, and that will create a negative impact on the seller metric. Therefore, good communication and clear return process is still the key factor for a successful eBay business.

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