My First ParcelBright Order

Starting ParcelBright Newcropdark 1

Getting started

…Gotcha! That was my thought when I spotted ParcelBright while trawling the internet. While hunting for ways to support my budding ebay empire, I’d had a nagging feeling my competitors were getting cheaper deliveries then me.

First parcel free! Now I could grow, now I could focus on gaining more customers. I was on my tenth order. The order was a frankly bizarre handbag for a Lady Pendleton. She had paid me online and I was set to deliver her order as smoothly as possible. Clicking “Get started” on prompted me to enter my details to see what the delivery rates were.

A list of couriers and services offered popped onto the screen with much lower prices than I had been offered elsewhere. I selected a choice that would get to Lady Pendleton for lunch on the next working day, thinking if I could give this customer the best service then maybe she’d be a regular. As the parcel was valued highly, I selected additional cover just in case something happened in transit. My account was in credit £7.99 to allow my first free delivery.


Packaging troubleshooting

At this point I knew I wanted to use ParcelBright to save money, but I had another thing now playing on my mind. The handbag was a leather triangle covered in metal studs. Lady Pendleton was clearly the eccentric type but that wasn’t my concern, packaging was. Wrapping the thing was going to be a nightmare and previous packaging had been torn into pieces.

I took a look in the FAQ section of the website and found “Guideline to packaging”. The section showed me it was important to pad the inside of the bag first to protect the surface from wrinkling and wear. Then I used other recommendations on how to pack irregularly shaped objects.

“Now the hellraiser handbag was in its box without me sustaining major injury.”

Delivering success

Now the hellraiser handbag was in its box without me sustaining major injury. I proudly returned to the online form and entered the delivery details to lady Pendleton’s address. As I entered details I started to suspect Lady wasn’t her legitimate title and images of my parcel arriving in a far off manner-house started to vanish. My parcel would be arriving at room 3 in University accommodation; it was likely going to a theatrical character.

I was earning profit so I was happy to share in her little fantasy of being nobility. The next section was the contents for the delivery I entered “fragile handbag”. After allocating a reference number and the contents value (again just in case) I completed the order.

Order confirmation appeared on my screen once processing had completed. Delivery and tracking information also appeared. My account balance was debited now showing less then the £7.99 in the corner of the page. I’d have to top up the account for my next order using the “Add Funds” button. An email arrived in my inbox with Lady Pendleton’s parcel label, I printed it out and stuck it on top of the package. While looking back at the confirmation details on my screen I noticed something was wrong!

Nobody Panic

The parcel would be collected from my house but it would be collected a week late. Frantically I spoke with the support team who calmly let me know today’s date, which I had wrong. Understandingly they rearranged my collection date and guided me to the button on my shipping page to rearrange it myself if I needed in the future. I didn’t even need to reprint my label.

I looked down at the tracking screen showing the live status on the progress of the delivery. Feeling like a commanding general I was pleased it was all falling into place and now people were getting on with their arranged tasks. I was in complete control of the situation and yet now I had very little to do to result in a happy Lady. The courier arrived at my house and collected the parcel. I could have opted to drop off the parcel but felt I’d save myself the hassle and get them to come straight to me.

The smiling courier took the parcel and vanished down the street. As I planned before lunchtime Lady Pendleton was a happy customer, I even saw her signature: Berty Pendleton. Didn’t know what I was expecting, because surely no one signs their parcel “Lady”.

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