Parcel Delivery Surcharges Explained

Parcel Delivery Surcharge

It is a normal business day. You have just completed all the procedures necessary to send your parcels. Everything seems going well, but suddenly you receive the annoying notification of having incurred a parcel delivery surcharge. A good reason to start off your business day on the wrong foot.

In order to avoid extra costs and useless time losses is necessary to understand Surcharges very well.

Let’s start from the very beginning.

What are Surcharges?

Surcharges are extra fees applied by couriers when something about a delivery did not go as expected. This means that something in your delivery required different necessities than the normal service provided.

Each courier has a different policy regarding when surcharges are applied.The main surcharge ParcelBright customers occur are usually the so-called Oversized/ Overweight.

For a better understanding, let’s explain it in further details with a practical example.

Our customer IT Recycle Ltd has recently sent a laptop selecting 30 * 30 * 30 as package dimensions. This measurement equals to a volumetric weight of 5.4, which has been rounded up to the nearest 6 kg. However the package was actually measuring 50 * 35 * 20, which equals to 7 kg volumetric weight. This is the reason why our client got a surcharge of 1 Kg less reported weight.

Actual Weight, Volumetric Weight and Billable Weight

There are a few elements that determine how much you will be charged, but the billable weight is what matters as it is the final weight you will be charged against. You can out more about them here.

How to avoid Surcharges?

Please note that ParcelBright does not make any money on surcharges and does not have any interest in applying extra fees. At the contrary we want ensure our customers to avoid this problem. The best way to solve this is to select accurate and precisedimensions when booking a shipment.

For a better understanding is important to know that each courier has a specific policy regarding when surcharges are applied.

You can check out below how each courier applies surcharges:

Areas not included in the UK Mainland

You may have been advised that a certain area you want to reach is not included in the UK Mainland delivery.

This means that UK mainland courier services do not include parcel delivery to places that are not on the main island, like the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Wight, and the Isles of Scilly. This also includes Northern Ireland, and remote areas of Scotland.

Isle of Man postcodes are IM, Guernsey is GY, and Jersey is JE. Some PO postcodes are for the Isle of Wight, and some TR postcodes the Isles of Scilly. Northern Ireland has postcodes starting with BT.

The other area that most couriers exclude from “UK mainland” is the Scottish Highlands and Islands, which includes postcodes starting with IV, HS, and ZE, and some AB, KA, KW, PA, and PH postcodes. This is simply because these areas take more time to reach. Since they are also not so densely populated, parcel collections or parcel delivery is less frequent and therefore becomes a more expensive journey due to lack of volume.
BFPO (British Forces post office) addresses can only be reached by using royal mail services.

ParcelBright team hopes you have found this post usefull to understand surcharge and avoid extra costs for your delivery.
If you have any other doubt take a look at our support page.

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