ParcelBright Press Release


London based, ParcelBright is the start-up that is revolutionising the parcel delivery market. The company’s primary goal is to help e-commerce business to be more successful decreasing their delivery rate.

The idea behind the firm is that businesses can benefit from using different couriers for different products and locations, but this usually requires several complex software integrations and time in researching the best solutions. Moreover since many couriers use old technology, their services are often difficult to use.

This problem has been smartly individuated by the ParcelBright founders Daniel Lipinski, CEO, and Carlos Vilhena, CTO, who caught the opportunity to launch a new service to help business reducing time, money and effort involved in delivering parcels.

To do so, ParcelBright takes ownership of businesses delivery operations and organises for them the best and cheapest shipping method. It targets small to medium sized e-commerce businesses that usually cannot get good deals with big couriers providing a one-stop parcel delivery solution. The start-up tailors rates to the size and requirements of each of its customers and uses cutting-edge technology to help businesses sending anywhere from twenty to thousands parcels a week.

Thanks to partnerships with the biggest UK courier companies DHL, PDP, UPS, Interlink Express, UK Mail and Collect+, the company can offer its clients the best option on the market. They suggest different packages to choose from in order to find the cheapest and more convenient way to deliver. This process has been developed trough two innovative features.

The basic one is plug and play via and ParcelBright Despatch that does not necessitate any integration, while for larger businesses which require a bespoke solution the ParcelBright Shipping API service allows integration to all the couriers. In this way ParcelBright is able to shape pricing and services on each client. The developing team is currently working on plugins for Shopify and Magento that will be launch soon. The developing of these technologies will allow the company to grow always more and to help even more businesses.

What makes ParcelBright so competitive is the fast-track customer service which we response to 80% of our customer inquiries within an hour time.

Thanks to the great customer support, reliability and unbeatable pricing ParcelBright has recently raised $1 million in investments that allows the company to keep supporting small and medium sized online sellers. Investors included Forward Partners, Talis Capital, Avonmore Developments and Howzat Partners.

ParcelBright has already proven to be a disruptive force within the parcel delivery industry, sending on average 50,000 parcels per month. It has a 20% monthly growth and in a year, the company aims to be the go-to providers of parcel delivery for UK businesses.

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