RRP prices are removed by Amazon in the UK

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After a quick perusal through the Amazon UK store, you will see that the RRP prices have been removed. While they were removed a month ago for around 24 hours, now they have been removed for more than four days, and this clearly shows that they are removed for good.

It’s unclear why Amazon did this, especially since there is no statement for this. But according to users that are accustomed to Amazon and the way they work, it seems that there were numerous complaints from the user base on eBay as well as Amazon. In the end, these are fictional thought by the user base, and instead there is a major need for a price that is relevant and which people do want to see.

When it comes to thinking about the impact that Amazon RRP price removal has, it’s hard to determine such a thing. Sure, removing the RRP makes the standard price easy to see, but, on the other hand, there are downsides as well. One of the major disadvantages here comes from the fact that third-party sellers had a great advantage with the RRP pricing as this showed people how cheap their products were when compared to the standard price.

Right now, Amazon RRP pricing is nowhere to be seen, and the impact of seeing a lower price has diminished hugely, which is a bad thing to say the least. Of course, this is a significant impact on the sellers, the users will, at least many of them, ignore the lack of RRP pricing, as they are more interested in the current price.

This move seems to be bringing more money in Amazon’s pocket, which leads us to believe that this was the scheme all along for the corporate giant. Either way, maybe the Amazon RRP removal is only the first move in a major set of changes that the company wants to perform to the site, so who knows what we have in store next!

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