Start Selling On EBay

Start Selling On Ebay

If you are new on eBay and you want start selling your products, here we propose some simple and quick tips to follow. This guide will help you understanding how some eBay features work and how to get the best from them when you start selling on eBay.

  1. Storage
    The first thing to avoid when selling online is to end up having your items all over your place. Therefore having enough storage space is a vital point, no matter what the dimension of your product is. The space has to be tidy and well organised in order to gain the maximum cubic capacity for the minimum square area. Moreover, the storage space needs to be free from cigarette smoke, pets, kitchen smells and damp.
  2. Research
    Being successful on eBay is possible but requires effort. Is really important to research properly before starting. You should know perfect competitors, suppliers and potential customers. To improve your research and make it faster and more productive, you can change you eBay search setting to view more information on the main search pages when you are checking out your competitors.
    First of all, bring up a search screen full of listings. Near the top, you will see that there is a “customise display” link. Click that and the customising screen will appear, with two boxes containing text headings for your columns on your search page. Using the “>>” and “<<” buttons, move things around until you have country/region, distance, type of seller, and item number in the left-hand box and everything else in the right-hand box. Just below, these two boxes are the “column settings”. Make sure that the box for “display feedback information” is ticked and also select “200 items per page”.
  3. Photography
    Having good-looking pictures is really important. The quality has to be high and allowing the user to see as many details as possible. Try to create a nice composition for you pictures.
  4. Prose
    Every item you sell should have an honest and detailed description. This is what buyers look for and will make you stand out of competition. Creating a description than either invokes bidders to get into a bidding war with another bidder, or creates the desire to make an instant purchase using “Buy it Now”, is essential to lift your listing above the rest.
  5. Small Print
    Set out your policies clearly and firmly in a friendly manner. Make sure your postage rates are not hidden in your listings and don’t overcharge for P&P. Promote the fact that your parcels are insured at no extra cost instead of asking the buyer to be responsible for lost or damage items.
  6. Payment Methods
    Offer Paypal as a payment method. This will make you look trustworthy and reliable.
  7. Communication
    Customers expect to be kept informed, every step of the way, and that means a sale confirmation email, a payment received email, and a despatch confirmation email.
  8. Packing
    Small sellers have an incredible advantage over larger sellers when it comes to packing. They can show, through attention to detail, a level of service that simply cannot be matched by your bigger competitors; Describe how you pack your items, in detail, to show your customers what a great service they can expect from you.
  9. Posting
    Make sure you get everything right and try to foresee problems before they happen, such as address errors, damage, over or undercharging, Post Office scale errors, forgetting the customs label, and so on.
  10. Feedback
    Feedback is one of the reasons behind the success of eBay and buyers value it as a means by which they can judge sellers before parting with their cash. If you do receive a negative feedback then you will be judged by the way you respond, and the comments you leave. So be polite and stick to the point. If you behave in a courteous and professional manner, a few negatives will not harm your reputation

Follow this simple tips will help you becoming a good seller quickly.

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