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If you are an online seller you should know that selling your products on different platforms such as eBay, Amazon and Shopify is as profitable as time-consuming.

Would it not be amazing to have a platform that connects millions of new customers with few clicks and manages online orders automatically and easily?

Well now, thanks to Zenstores, selling on multiple marketplaces has never been so simple.
This new innovative e-commerce platform helps online sellers to save time and hassle for its users. And thanks to this, Zenstores allows users to grow their business faster providing an all-in-one and cost effective solution.

How does Zenstores work?

Zenstores provides order management and fulfilment software for small e-commerce businesses. This is realised through an all-in-one order management and printing tool for online retailers who sell on Amazon, eBay and Shopify. Allowing them to quickly and easily manage orders, print shipping labels and streamline their workflow.

In this way, Zenstores provides small business owners with easy access to the growing potential of online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon connecting them with millions of new potential customers around the world.

Which benefits does it bring?

  • Create & print shipping labels & invoices for your orders.
  • Sync orders from all of your web carts and marketplaces.
  • Save time and effort
It is well known that online marketplaces as well as mobile commerce are growing at a rapid rate, as a small retailer they offer a huge amount of potential for reaching new customers on a global scale. Ebay and Amazon make up 36% of total e-commerce, smaller more niche marketplaces such as Etsy, StoreEnvy and Discogs offer a way for smaller more specialist retailers to stand out and reach niche customers.

Zenstores makes it quick and easy to process orders from all of your web shops and marketplaces. Moreover, all the orders can be monitored and classified in different categories like new, in progress and shipped.

In conclusion, this product will allow you to save time while staying well organised and also reduce mistakes.

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