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Since the world of online shopping took off, stores have been trying to find different ways to make things more convenient for their customers. How annoying is it when you go into a store to get something specific and find out that they have run out of stock, or they don’t have it in your size? So frustrating! How to avoid this? Well, many people would ring up a store to check and then ask to put it on hold. Some stores would do this, but many wouldn’t. Plus, who uses the phone these days?! This is where Click & Collect thrived. You could go online, reserve, an item and just go to the store to pick it up, guaranteeing you get the exact product you want, without the hassle of picking up the phone and talking to someone. However, this feature has been available for around 15 years, so why is the IMRG publishing a new report called the “UK Click & Collect Review 2015” which is stating that the Click & Collect process is extremely popular right now?

According to surveys, 73% of online shoppers have used the Click & Collect service at some point, and a further 10% plan to use the feature in future. It seems that the UK lead the popularity contest for this kind of service too.
There are of various course options to a Click & Collect service, and you do not need to go directly to a store to pick up your item. You can also have your item sent to a local post office or parcel depot or even one of those collection lockers. A survey was done in the UK, German and French markets to see which of these options proved most popular, and the UK customers preferred to collect their items in the store. It seems that parcel stores are the favourite in France and Germany, with very little collecting from shops.

Well, what IS the benefit of collecting the item from in-store? I mean, if you are going to order something online, surely it’s because you don’t want the hassle of actually having to leave your house and go to the store to get it? Well, for a start, many delivery options offer cost extra and so a store pick-up would help save those extra pennies. Secondly, the store pick-up option is also often quicker as once the item is reserved, and it is in stock; it can be ready to be picked up almost straight away. So, if you are in a rush, this would be the most sensible option to go for. There are also benefits for the retailer too; by getting the customer to the store to collect the item, they have the opportunity to upsell or recommend additional products, as well as to add some friendliness to the customer experience.

The IMRG has estimated that there were about 80 million Click & Collect orders last year, but yet it seems that there is still a lot of retailers not even offering this option yet. We expect to see this change in the very near future.

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