Three Shopify Apps That Will Make You More Money

Shopify Apps

Canadian e-commerce specialists Shopify are now 10 years old and have got over 100,000 merchants who use their platform. More than $5 billion worth of sales have been transacted via Shopify stores in the decade since they launched.

Has your business yet graduated to it’s own Shopify store, or are you still dealing witheBay listings and Amazon Marketplace? Or perhaps you have been selling via your own domain from the outset? However experienced you are with Shopify, these three apps will assist you in selling more product and earning more money through your store. All three apps are available to install via the Shopify App Store.

Using Shopify Apps

Once you are successfully attracting customers on Shopify, there are some quick wins to be had by using apps from the Shopify App Store. These simple add-ons will help you take sales to the next level. The three apps following are simple to install and require no technical knowledge, but they will each add new features to your store. While some Shopify apps are designed to save time or make life easier for administrators, these three apps are all designed with the ultimate intention ofincreasing the bottom line in one way or another. Shopify apps can be made by either Shopify or by third party developers, and they can be either free, paid, or subscription based. The apps we’ve covered here are all developed by third partyteams and have both free and paid options, or at least a free trial.

Product Upsell

Upselling is the high street’s bread and butter. That’s why supermarkets keep a strip of peanut packets hanging by the beer and why fast-food staff ask “would you like fries with that?”. Upselling can be most clearly defined as a sales technique by which the salesperson encourages a customer to purchase an upgrade, add-on or accessory in an attempt to make a more profitable sale. Some electronics high-street chains find this method so effective that they will sell a laptop at cost price in order to make huge margins on a laptop case, wireless mouse and a printer.

The “Product Upsell” app aims to bring this trick of the high-street to all Shopify stores, as simply as possible.

The Product Upsell Shopify app offers your customers an upgrade product in a pop-up when they attempt to check out from an item page. They best part is that you can set the item that’s shown, and can choose to base it on what the customer has tried to buy. So you can offer to sell a discounted SD card when someone attempts to check out their new digital SLR camera, for example.

This app, developed by, is free for the first 30 days and then between$9.99 per month and $59.99 per month, depending on the size of your business.

Some users have reported my much as a 38% conversion rate for items presented by Product Upsell. That’s sure to increase the bottom line!

Olark Live Chat

Sometimes, your customers will have questions about your products or sales terms that simply are not answered on your website. Even when the answers are on your site, finding them is too much of an obstacle to many consumers, and they will leave yourself without purchasing anything.

Live chat is becoming increasingly popular on e-commerce and service business’ websites. Why? Because it allows you to put a real sales or customer service person in from of your customer. And real people can often sell or help customers better than webpages and instructional videos.

As well as showing the customer that you offer better service than your competitors, you also become more aware of what problems your customers experience on your site and help potential customers to have faith that they will be able to reach out to the company should they experience any problems.

The chat box that the Olark Shopify plugin installs on your Shopify site can be customised to match the design of your store, and works with Shopify’s software to notify you when someone you are chatting to has added a product to their cart. Olark also tells you where the customer is located in the world, and how they found their way to your website.

Olark doesn’t cost a penny for the first 20 chats, and it’s just $15 per month for the basic plan, thereafter.

Here is a video from Olark in which they explain their product in more detail and let you have a look at how it would work on your website.

Get to know your customers and sell them more with this app.

Back In Stock

How many potential customers have visited your website, found the product they wanted was out of stock, and have left – never to return? Probably quite a few, if your business has a model that has products out of stock at times.

Instead of leaving customers in the lurch, or leaving them to discover an alternative retailer or product, why not capture their email addresses and automatically email them when the product comes back into stock.

Not only will the Back In Stock app help you to make more sales, it also helps you to know which out of stock products are most worth restocking.



Shopify’s app system is an incredibly easy way to start adding extra features to your online store. While many Shopify Apps cost money, some can also increase order size or help to secure sales, meaning the apps pay for themselves every month.

The three apps we’ve demonstrated are the perfect place to start improving your Shopify store. Try them out and monitor your progress.

Good luck!

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