Using Better Packaging To Create Positive Brand Experiences

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Some people find shopping online to be boring or impersonal, mainly because there is limited contact between themselves and the company they are buying from.

This creates an opportunity for companies to come up with original ideas which touch their customers, create an experience which replaces the in-store experience and wins customer loyalty.

The packaging that you send your customers their parcels in and unboxing experience should not be underestimated when considering ways to build this online shopping experience. The thousands of YouTube videos showing people eagerly unboxing products proves that receiving and opening a parcel from a business can be an exciting and loyalty building experience for many.

In the physical world of brick and mortar retail, marketers can take advantage of our love of pretty, shiny things in desirable packaging, all of which serves to add value to the product and even the purchasing experience itself.

Too often, online sellers overlook the value of presentation and don’t take into consideration the potential value they could add to the overall consumer experience by improving packaging, presentation and the delivery experience.

By undertaking to improve these elements of their offering, they could gain a competitive advantage, allowing them to stand out from competitors.

As experts in parcel delivery, we at ParcelBright want to show you how to improve these elements of how consumers experience your brand.

Here are a few tips:

Consumers Judge Books By Their Covers

Humans are visual animals who love something new and love brands.

That’s why sending a standard brown box doesn’t have the same impact as an attractive branded one. Boring, generic, cheap products come in standard brown boxes. If those words don’t describe your product, perhaps you should be sending your items in packaging that better reflects what it.

As well as engaging and exciting your customers, customised packaging also helps to reinforcing your brand and create a connection with it in the mind of the recipient. Increased recognisability helps you to stand out against competitors in future purchases from the customer, or even those who have simply seen the brand on other people’s packages.

For luxury brands, truly special packaging can even make the recipient feel special themselves, perhaps the holy grail for such a brand.

Here 10 tips to take into consideration to create a unique packaging experience:

External packaging

  • The Box – Standard brown packaging are cheap but certainly not catchy. Something colorful or a theme alluding to the brand logo or identity may be more recognizable and creative.
  • Paper – Wrapping your box in paper may add excitement while opening the product. Like on Christmas or on your birthday, this may be made by a particular texture or material.
  • Sticker – Sticker can be used to glue the paper together or simply to avoid expensive customize boxes with printed logos. They are quite useful and inexpensive.
  • Tape – The tape might also be colored and fancy, matching with the rest of the packaging.

Inside The Box

  • Include A Business Card – Giving your customers the information they need to reach out to your company, especially to a specific member of staff, is a great way of ensuring customers know that you are as serious about serving your online customers as you would be if they visited your brick and mortar store.
  • Promotional Material – Including high-end promotional materials with your delivery is a great way of making customers feel like they have purchased something special. A brochure, magazine or good quality leaflet can help to convey a lux experience.
  • Receipt – The presentation, paper and packaging of your receipt and paperwork also contribute to the perception of your brand. Consider a modern design for your invoices, higher stock paper and an envelope to put it all in – where budget allows.
  • Gift and Sample – A small gift is a simple way to please your customers. This could even be a sample of another product line, enabling the customer to discover, try and possibly purchase the new line.

Thinking Outside Of The Box

At first, these ideas to improve the customer experience through packaging may seem unnecessarily expensive, but if you’re able to woo customers and increase their loyalty toward the brand, their lifetime customer value could be increased to a point that this approach is not just nice-to-have, but actually profitable. Ultimately this process can be cheaper than acquiring new customers.

This was demonstrated by Dotcom Distribution who recently conducted a survey, discovering that 52% of consumers are more likely to repeat online purchases if packaging is of a superior quality. The same study found that 4 out of 10 consumers would share a photo of their delivery on social media if the package is considered exclusive.

This act of sharing has two major benefits. Firstly, it advertises and promotes your product to new potential customers – especially hot leads as their friends have already bought from you.

Secondly, word of mouth recommendations, including those made online, are much more valued than any message you could deliver. Those personal endorsements help create brand awareness, brand cachet and trust in the brand.

Furthermore, bloggers showing off their latest purchase are likely to link back to your website. This both increases your referral traffic as well as improving your SEO position.

To summarise, creating a memorable experience through packaging will help you to keep customers in awe of your brand and builds stronger loyalty. Loyalty can turn into sharing, which allows you to acquire new customers and to spread your brand’s reach at minimal cost.

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