Want to improve visibility on eBay? Here’s how!

Increase EBay Sales

Selling on eBay can be a great opportunity to make some extra cash, or even run your own business from the comfort of your home. But with so many other sellers and products to compete against, how do you make yours stand out?

The fact is that it’s not enough to simply list an item and hope that someone will discover it. With thousands of products being listed everyday, you’ll be ranked against other sellers on a range of factors – and this will affect how many people actually get to see your item.

Read on, to discover some great tips to help you get your listings in front of buyers, and boost your visibility!

Make sure you’re a great seller

This may sound counter-intuitive – after all, you need to get a significant number of sales in order to be seen as a good seller, right?

It’s easier than you think to get the coveted Top Rated Seller status – you need to have made at least 100 sales, and most importantly, gained at least 98% positive feedback. To do this, make sure you treat those early customers (and later ones!) really well. Ensure products are listed accurately, items dispatched safely and quickly, and tackle any queries or issues promptly.

Multiple sales on single items

If you have an eBay store and are selling multiples of particular items, an effective way to boost your visibility is by listing multiple items on a single listing.

This is because eBay gives greater consideration to listings which have a higher number of sales, rather than individual sales for single listings. So if you’re selling different size or colour options of a particular item, use the listing format to offer choices to buyers, instead of listing each option individually.

The advantage of this is that the increased number of sales will improve your ranking performance on eBay searches – and get you in front of more potential buyers.

Go for ‘Good Till Cancelled’

A great way of doing this is “Good ‘Till Cancelled” option on listing end dates, rather than a specific fixed date. This means that you can keep the sold figure on your product listing – until you’ve completely run out of stock, which is really helpful to your ranking position.

You can also enhance your visibility by coupling this strategy with some smart promotions – have a discounted rate to begin with, encouraging people to choose your listing over competitors. Once you’ve had a significant number of sales, you can gradually increase prices, doing this slowly and in small increments of 5% or so, so that you can remain competitive and boost your ranking.

What other tricks have you come across to boost your eBay visibility? Let us know!

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